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.htaccess file dissapears in listing with filezilla

After choosing to do custom links in wordpress I encountered an interesting issue. WordPress was saying that the file was not accessible to it for changing and that I should do it manually. I created a file called “1.htaccess” since you cannot create “.htaccess” on windows xp (at least) transferred the file, renamed it and it would promptly disappear!

After some digging:

Under “Server->Force Show Hidden Files” took care of the problem of having it displayed.

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Friend Google Plus Landing Page

Envy! I don’t have one and 2 of my close friends do! So enticing!

Ineteresting.. wonder what the difference in the links signifies, there is an extra u in one.

After looking at the different links, I see no difference.

Hovering around Google+ is maddening… let me in already!


Finally got myslef a Google+ account. Looks like I can send out invites. Drop me a line at halo way 13 AT gmail if you want an invite.