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Jefferson County CO – District R-1 Recall

It is clear to me that there is desperation in the language used to oust the duly elected slate of conservative board members in Jefferson County. I Vote to retain them and furthermore wrote in as replacements should it succeed: Choice And Competition.

Additionally, I voted to put in alternates to the existing minority. Johnson and Merritts get my vote.

I agree with the bottom 2% of the worst teachers to not get raises. Sorry, some measure of their worth is the best we have. Our children are too important to keep dead weight around.

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Thin film vs glass/silicon photovoltaic

Learning a little about the difference between silicon/glass  vs polymer based photovoltaic systems.

Even though slightly less efficient (for now), because of the flexibility and durability there are more applications possible so therefore more of a market for them.

Ascent Solar in Colorado has opened a thin polymer production plant in July of 2010.

Hope they outdo the efficiency of glass/silicon soon.  The field has needed increased competition and different ideas.