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LifeFitness 95Ri Battery?

Recumbent Bike
LifeFitness 95Ri

You may think that you need to replace your battery because the electronic control panel lights up only briefly and then turns off with only brief flickerings thereafter. Many people on ebay purchase another battery and it solves their problem. The real issue is that most likely the battery has been completely depleted of it’s charge and you need to run the bike for a while (2-3 minutes), let the flywheel come to complete stop, then restart the pedaling and there may be enough charge on the battery to allow the control panel to stay light, if not keep pedaling a little longer since the battery may need more of a charge. Once you get the control panel to light up, do a good workout for a considerable amount of time as it will charge the battery even longer and it will most likely retain enough of a charge for the next time you need to exercise. If on the other hand you fail to get the display to stay on ever even after doing the start, pedal a while, wait for it to stop spinning several times, it may very well be time change the battery.

Also, most of the offerings on EBay are very expensive. Most sell for $40.

Sportsmith has them for a very reasonable $21.00 ea + shipping.

Also on Amazon for a more reasonable price of $24.58, free shipping.

EDIT: Here are some updated photos so that there is no confusion as to which model I am referring to. I have also added Parts manual and operators manual. I am unable to find the service manual except for a a site that wants my CC. Not willing to do that.

36 thoughts on “LifeFitness 95Ri Battery?

  1. Life Fitness, 95 Rei : Tried to access the battery compartment underneath in order to replace the battery. There is a solid metal plate with two round bolts sticking out, one is bronce-colored and secured by a nut. Is this supposed to be the access to the battery compartment? If yes, what’s next? PS.: battery is dead, all instructions failed to reload it. Thanks for a hint.

    1. Gunther
      Did you ever get an answer on the battery routine.
      I need a battery too, just dont want to do this more than once…
      Thanks my friend.
      My phone number is 817-822-9393

      1. Yes that is the battery compartment. Unscrew them, disconnect the leads, put in new battery pack. Pretty easy to do. Amazon has 19 in stock as of today.

        1. never used bike for awhile getting no lights on panel

          1. You might try vigorously turning the pedals for a few mins, let it spin down, then try spinning it up to wake. If you don’t succeed at waking it, it likely needs a battery pack.

  2. Help…I can’t get the old battery out of my Life Fitness recumbent bike 95Ri.

    1. It comes out of the bottom. If you tip it on its side you should be able to get to it. -Tim

  3. I had to remove the skirts in order to remove the battery. There are 2 screws holding the battery in place and there is no way to take the screws out without removing the skirt, both of them.

    1. I wonder if yours was a slightly different rev.

  4. I had the same experience as Dave- LifeFitness 95Ri, ordered this battery and needed to take off the pedals, both skirts, and unscrew the two 8mm screws holding the battery in place to get it out.

  5. Is there anyone who can tell me how to know how old a lifefitness 95ri is? Maybe by serial number? I’m looking to by a used one. Thanks

  6. Hello, i just changed the battery and still nothing! Please help!

    1. I suppose the polarity of the battery could be backwards. Have you tried pedaling for alittle while, allowing to come to a stop for about 30 seconds and the vigorously pedaling?

  7. It appears that I have a Life Fitness, 95 Rei based on the above comment, however it does not say 95 REI on the side. It has been a few months since I used the bike and it does not turn on at all. I have opened the battery compartment on the back of the console, but did not see a battery. I turned on the bike on it side and tried to access the battery from battery compartment underneath in order to replace the battery, however this area on had what appeared to be two telephone like jacks inside. Like the comment above there are is a solid metal plate with two round bolts sticking out, one is bronce-colored and secured by a nut. Is this supposed to be the access to the battery.
    compartment? If yes, what’s next? PS.: battery is dead, all instructions failed to reload it. I have ran/used the bike several time for 3-4 minutes in what appears to be a vain attempt to re-charge the battery. I was able open the plastic case surrounding the bike and felt what appeared to be a battery on the left hand side of the bike near the peddle.
    Is it possible for me to send you some additional information with some of the pic that I have taken.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Stay safe and be well.
    Many thanks

    1. Sure. Send to I’ll try to help.–Tim

  8. Thanks

  9. I m amazed to see how helpful your explanation was . I took the battery out and I just bought one , i m going to try to see if it works.. Thank you so much

  10. I have change the battery, the generator, and the power board on my 95R I and still I get no power to the display. Any ideas?

    1. Sounds like you have replaced everything. Is it that the display just does not light up or that the power is missing? With access to the schematics I would be able to help a little bit better than being so blind. I will look online for them. –Tim

      1. Thanks for the reply. I also bought a new display and change that with the same results. I pedal the bike and nothing changes in the display never lights up. It would make sense if there were some sort of fuse or something. Right now I am baffled

        1. I do know that the way the bike senses whether the pedals are being turned is usually by a hall effect sensor or possibly an opto-electronic circuit. Ensure that the wires are hooked up to the sensor. Do you ever hear a beep? To ensure we are talking about the same bike I am uploading some new pictures.

          1. You are correct, I never hear a beep when I start paddling. That used to be the first thing that happened. It was a beeping sound and the display lit up. Now it’s just dead. I will look for the Sensor.

          2. I have not heard a beep Since it has been broken. Nothing happens at all when I pedal.

  11. Hi there
    I have the Life fitness 95ri , the battery is no available in Israel, do you have it for Internatioanl delivery to z as Israel, how can I get a new one, please help.

    1. Certainly you could have it shipped. Have you tried the Amazon link?

  12. Hi, I can not find mod no ser# ADV110901049476 Part# ADV-000X-0203 Have checked voltage out of pluged in transformer it is ok, display panel does not light up and no resistance on pedals. can you help me? Thanks John

  13. I found the mod # C1 John

    1. What do you mean by this?

  14. In have a life fitness 95R bike. When you peddle it it gets no resistances , the display comes on but no resistance. Any ideas

    1. I would take off the cover and inspect.

  15. Hello and thanks for all the replies .. I stopped using the 95RI for four months because of covid .. Now I pedal it and the light only flashes in the top left area . and goes out immediately .. I kept trying for 20 minutes but to no avail .. I was hoping to recharge it .. Maybe the phone line inserts can help with this using a battery block or do I have to purchase a new a battery .. Is there a video to watch to see the repair . Thanks you, Michael

    1. Most likely the battery needs to be replaced. I did a quick search and I do not see any videos on the battery replacement.

  16. Hi, Love all the tips I found here, my bike is a 95Ri , left if for about a year, it was working well when I last used it. However when I returned i had no display after pedaling, I recharged the battery 5.75volts, but still no display and no resistance when pedaling. Any suggestions ??

    1. It may be that it has no current handling capability even though it is close to proper voltage. How did you charge it? The battery claims 6V (which I don’t see if they have 3 DCells, that should be 4.5V as good for 3 cells.) However they say 6V total for the 3 cells so I am inclined to believe they are special purpose cell sizes? See if you can find a decent price replacement at the 2 links I provided. Thanks!

  17. Thanks for this helpful post, and still responding 8 years later! I’m trying to setup a used 95ri for my dad for rehab. I think the battery is dead, and I’d prefer to plug it in. I read in the manual ( that there’s a spot for a power adapter kit called “Power Assist” if the user isn’t pedaling at a high enough rate to supply power to the battery/display. But I can’t find the spot where the adapter would even plug in. Do you know where it is? I also can’t find information/specs for what the power adapter output should be. TIA!

    1. Enabling the Power Assist option requires an optional kit. To order the kit, contact Life Fitness
      Customer Service. See section 6.5, titled How to Obtain Product Service, for more information

      Clear that it is an add-on that normally is not present. Might be able to order one? Section 6.5 talks about contacting them. –Tim

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