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Oleg says: (and I agree)

Excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves.
Need is subjective, deserves is synonymous to earn.
Desire to keep what you earn is not greed, just excessive desire. Scrooge like greed.

Collectivist greed and selfishness: (read unions and redistributive social models)
Desire to get what you haven’t earned.
Teaching our young entitlement is wrong.
Social justice fails because of human nature, it is not perfectable.

My idea:
Q: So how do you make it work? (at least a start)
A: Volunteered charity to the needy.
A: Choice in education by the use of Vouchers.

Freedom instead of constraints.

Must listen to hour from the “Mike Rosen” show from 850KOA in Denver.  Guest: Oleg Atbasian, author of, “Shakedown Socialism.”

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Are you a double-spacer after a period? *gasp*

Modern computer fonts automatically adjust space after termination punctuation marks and is different between words. Yet teachers typically, teach the way they learned (when typewritters had only one option for a space) with antiquainted technology. Be a friend to the teachers of the world. Make your kids rebel and teach the teachers!