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Doggcatcher Podcast player

It is amazing how good this podcast player is! Very active development. Great features. Just when I got used to being able to play episodes at 1.5x I started wishing for the ability to go faster! And lo and behold you can set custom speeds! Trying out 1.6x as I type this.

I wish I could also customize the notification drawer button that shows when it is in the shrunken mode. It would be very nice to be able ff and not do a next track. See images. In the maximized version I have the ability to ff, but not in the minimized version.


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PivotalLiving troubleshooting

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my wristband Christmas eve! After having it work like  charm once the android app was released, it quit syncing. Now what happens is that the app says it is downloading measurements indefinitely while a Bluetooth symbol does on the wristband. Eventually, the band will stop showing the Bluetooth symbol and the app never stops.

I have already tried re installing the android app, Several rounds of “turn it off and on again” to see if resetting the wristband would help at all. The only real thing left to do is delete my account and re-create.

Any suggestions?










From Pivotal Living Twitter acct:

ahhh, I see. Unfortunately (fortunately?) this is a known issue that we are getting our engineers to fix now. Hang in there!tweet

So after deleting my account from within the app and then re creating the account it appears able to sync again. I will continue to update this post as I experiment with the band.


After successfully syncing 2xs I am back to the unable to sync. I wonder if I need to sync on a daily basis  for it to not end up endlessly downloading measurements.

1/20 – Deleting account once again and I will sync 2xs a day and see if I can get it to work for 3 days in a row.

1/21 So far so good. 2nd day now where the band quickly syncs when I do it twice a day. (Probably jinxing the issue now)

1/23 Still no lockups.

1/25 Still going strong on an ~12 hour sync schedule. I wonder if there is some memory issue with the wristband.

2/27 Nearly went a month until I forgot to sync for more than 2 days. I now have to recreate the account.

3/14 I have not had the will to delete my account and recreate it to continue tracking. I don’t think there are any bug fixes to address this. The biggest shortcomings are that there is no heart-rate monitor, just steps.

It would be nice if you could set the band to do an alarm over a period of time of set intervals. For instance: from 6-7AM 10 min intervals.

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Zynga support forum registration fail

Amazingly, one of the most popular games around, has no ability to login without a facebook account because their captcha registration interface is broken.

Several tweets to support have yielded no satisfaction as of yet.

The latest suggestion as for me to use a different browser…

My words with friends account is: Haloway1313In short the problem I am experiencing with words with friends is that there must be some issue with my account, specifically a corrupt game in progress may be corrupt or some other issue. Regardless of the device that I use to access my account (rooted nook, android phone cyanogenmod 9, stock rom, etc) it crashes everytime. If I re-install the game and register a new account, everything works fine. Can create a new game with no crashes. When I then associate the installation with my original account, the crashes start happening again.Please fix it!

Using Internet Explorer 9 yields: ie
Firefox 19.01 yields: ff
Chrome Version 24.0.1312.52 m Yields:  chrome
Error for all 3 browsers  error