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I really hope this gets a good head of steam in the coming months

Article V is the escape clause the states have to control a tyrannical Federal government.


Compact For America and Article V | FreedomWorks
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Jefferson County CO – District R-1 Recall

It is clear to me that there is desperation in the language used to oust the duly elected slate of conservative board members in Jefferson County. I Vote to retain them and furthermore wrote in as replacements should it succeed: Choice And Competition.

Additionally, I voted to put in alternates to the existing minority. Johnson and Merritts get my vote.

I agree with the bottom 2% of the worst teachers to not get raises. Sorry, some measure of their worth is the best we have. Our children are too important to keep dead weight around.

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Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro on Congress’s structural problems during a C-Span interview Aug 1, 2014 at ~44 min mark:
“Unfortunately we have come to the idea that compromising and legislation is the job of congress. The job of congress is to protect your rights. That’s the job of congress. And if they are compromising your rights: that is not a compromise you want to be part of. And if they are creating legislation that violates those rights that’s not something you want to be part of either. What we want is a congress that is answerable to us and we want an executive body that is answerable to us. What we are watching is a gradual slide into an executive dictatorship because we have a group of people in America who don’t watch closely and yell for compromise and then yell for something to be done whenever there is a problem, whenever there is a crisis something must be done and if congress won’t do it then the president of the United States should. Well, as it turns out, in the constitution of the United States, the job of the president is pretty specifically defined, and nowhere in there does it say “do good stuff.” That is not the job of the President. The job of the president is to adhere to his constitutional boundaries and when we’ve lost that, we have lost the system.”

I could not agree more! The only thing that is missing is the rationale behind why you would not want  congress to do stuff. It boils down to the same reason you don’t go off and marry somebody solely based upon how you feel. One should carefully weigh all options look at the ramifications, be introspective and take a hard look at the relationship: is it co-dependent, is it abusive, is it one-sided. Wait, we are talking about government, overreaching government, controlling government, wasteful government, there is nothing well ordered about government, it is the epitome of bad relationships.  When it comes to what our government should do and not do is simply do what is available within the rules of the system, it is not a relationship.