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Zynga support forum registration fail

Amazingly, one of the most popular games around, has no ability to login without a facebook account because their captcha registration interface is broken.

Several tweets to support have yielded no satisfaction as of yet.

The latest suggestion as for me to use a different browser…

My words with friends account is: Haloway1313In short the problem I am experiencing with words with friends is that there must be some issue with my account, specifically a corrupt game in progress may be corrupt or some other issue. Regardless of the device that I use to access my account (rooted nook, android phone cyanogenmod 9, stock rom, etc) it crashes everytime. If I re-install the game and register a new account, everything works fine. Can create a new game with no crashes. When I then associate the installation with my original account, the crashes start happening again.Please fix it!

Using Internet Explorer 9 yields: ie
Firefox 19.01 yields: ff
Chrome Version 24.0.1312.52 m Yields:  chrome
Error for all 3 browsers  error
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