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The genius of markets:

The genius of markets:

The main reason we do not need a Trump.

Defend the basics that make this possible: Freedom, and the clearest form we know of, the Constitution.

5 thoughts on “The genius of markets:

  1. Belief in market forces is belief in human sacrifice. Look around?

  2. +Richard Willing Can you expound on the statement a bit so I can understand better where you are coming from?

  3. I see Humans sacrificing everyday.

  4. +Timothy Hall The temple origin of money is from the Moloch, the hidden god of perpetual debt money at interest and stock exchange mortgage swindle finance. 

  5. +Richard Willing you are rambling
    the love of money is the root of all evil
    but no one is being sacrificed the same way the Phoenicians did
    market forces are just people's collective trends
    if money is what you desire most then you have a problem
    if you desire anything more than God you have a problem
    but even ancient Israel had money

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