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Lincoln logs for my Grandson!

I embarked on a seemingly endless task of making Lincoln Logs using a guide from Pocket83 (hosted by  Pocket83 suggested using an extremely thin kerf blade to cut the #2 pine into boards that were 10 ½” wide.  I cut 9 boards from each 8’ board.  I routed the dados for all the notches in the boards.  I fashioned logs from each board and then rounded them over resulting in 4-notch logs.  Some stayed this length, and some were cut into 3-notch, 2-notch, and single-notch logs.  Many small remnants remained that I glued together for the purpose of fencing, borders or whatever one imagines. Pocket83 even has a great guide for making gable end pieces in such a way as to be modular.


Then it was time to stain nearly 500 pieces of Lincoln Logs!  They turned out great!  If I had to do it over again, I might thin the stain a little so they wouldn’t turn out so dark. Take a look at the pictures below to see how I created a unique Lincoln Log set for my grandson.

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